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If you're planning a visit to Switzerland, then the legendary Jungfraujoch, the "Top of Europe," is undoubtedly a highlight that should be on your itinerary.

Known as the crown jewel of the majestic Swiss Alps, Jungfraujoch is a high alpine paradise of ice, snow, and rock, where you can witness Mother Nature's masterpiece in all its glory.

However, to make the most of your Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich, there are important things you should know. That's where our comprehensive guide comes in. 

We'll unveil the secrets of Jungfraujoch, from must-see attractions that await you to the best ways to reach this magical destination. Additionally, we'll compare the top-rated Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trips from Zurich, and share information about opening hours and more.

Read on for invaluable insider tips to navigate the "Roof of Europe" with ease, ensuring you create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Compare the Best Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip Options from Zurich

We’ve handpicked the crème de la crème of Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Tours from Zurich.  Just a click away, you'll find convenient links to compare the latest prices of each tour.

We've also provided concise descriptions of these gems, showcasing their inclusions, features and prices. Take your time to explore and find the perfect match for your adventure!

Quick Booking Links to 4 Top-Rated Day Trips

Description of Day Trip Options to Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe


This 11.5-hour day trip is the favorite among travelers seeking to experience the Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe. Journey through the picturesque Bernese Oberland by coach, go on a 100-minute train ride with the cogwheel train and ascend to Jungfraujoch, Europe's highest railway station.

From the Sphinx Observatory, immerse yourself in the Alpine panorama, gazing at the Aletsch Glacier and snow-capped peaks. Explore the Ice Palace and enjoy a scenic cogwheel train ride to Eigergletscher to change to Eiger Express.


  • Professional guide
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Cogwheel train ride
  • V-Cableway Eiger Express

Tour Details

  • Departs from: Zurich Central Bus Station Sihlquai, 200 meters behind Zurich HB
  • Starting Time: 08:30 AM
  • Duration: approx. 11 hours 30 minutes
  • Participants: max. 60 participants


This highly sought-after day trip offers another exciting journey to the Jungfraujoch. Accompanied by a multilingual guide, immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps. Traverse breathtaking landscapes, including the Brünig Pass and the picturesque shores of Lake Brienz, on a comfortable bus ride. Enjoy a brief stop in Interlaken before embarking on the Eiger Express cable car and cogwheel train to reach the peak. 

Discover the "Top of Europe" with visits to the Sphinx Terrace and the Ice Palace. Conclude the tour with a scenic transfer from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen, before returning to Zurich. With transportation, guided tours, and seat reservations provided, this tour ensures a seamless and memorable adventure.


  • Fully guided tour by a professional multilingual guide
  • Transportation in a bus
  • Cable car ride from Grindelwald to Eiger Glacier
  • Train from Eiger Glacier to Jungfraujoch
  • Train from Jungfraujoch to Lauterbrunnen
  • Seat reservation and preferred boarding
  • Carbon-balanced operations certified by myclimate

Tour Details

  • Departs from: Sihlquai Bus Station near Zurich HB (main train station)
  • Starting Time: 8:00 AM
  • Duration: approx. 12 hours


Discover the Swiss Alps on the all-inclusive day trip from Zurich to Jungfraujoch. Relax in a comfy coach with air conditioning as you travel through the Bernese Oberland, with a stop at Interlaken. Throughout the trip, benefit from the expertise of a multilingual guide.

From Grindelwald, you'll ascend to Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe, aboard the gondola Eiger Express. Explore the Sphinx Observatory, the Alpine Sensation, and the enchanting Ice Palace (subject to weather conditions). Benefit from seat reservations and preferred boarding for the Eiger Express and cogwheel train, ensuring a seamless experience.


  • Transportation in comfortable coach with AC
  • Fully guided tour by professional multilingual guide
  • Seat reservation and preferred boarding (Eiger Express, cogwheel train)
  • Alpine Sensation, Sphinx Observation Terrace, Plateau, Ice Palace (weather permitting)
  • Carbon-balanced operations certified by myclimate
  • Eiger Express cable car, cogwheel train

Tour Details

  • Departs from: Sihlquai Coach Terminal, close to Zurich’s main train station (Zürich HB)
  • Starting Time: 08:00 AM
  • Duration: approx. 12 hours
  • Participants: max. 48 participants


If comfort and privacy is what you seek, then this private Jungfraujoch day trip from Zurich might be for you. Enjoy private roundtrip transportation from your desired location in Zurich to Grindelwald.

Ride the cogwheel train to the Jungfraujoch and marvel at the stunning Swiss mountain panoramas, like the Aletsch Glacier. After taking in the beauty of Lauterbrunnen, relax and enjoy the convenience of a private transfer back to your starting point.


  • Meet and greet at the lobby of your hotel
  • Private Tour
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Driver-guide
  • Transportation by private vehicle
  • WiFi on board

Tour Details

  • Departs from: Hotel pick up from desired location in Zurich
  • Starting Time: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Duration: approx. 10 hours
  • Participants: Private Tour

What is Special about Jungfraujoch/ Top of Europe?

Jungfraujoch, famously known as the "Top of Europe," is an unmissable gem and a highlight of any trip to Switzerland. Nestled in the canton of Bern in the heart of the country, it offers a unique Alpine experience that combines breathtaking natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and the allure of eternal snow, even during the summer months.

What makes Jungfraujoch truly special is its unparalleled height, soaring to a record-breaking 3,454 meters (11,332 feet) above sea level, positioning it as the highest railway station in Europe. This remarkable vantage platform is part of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, recognized for its stunning High Alps scenery.

Here, you can indulge in a multitude of attractions and experiences that make it an unforgettable destination, like soaking in sweeping views of the majestic Swiss Alps, walking over Europe's longest glacier, and visiting an Ice Palace, just to name a few.

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich

Must-See Attractions of Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

Let’s take a look at some of the attractions and experiences that await you at Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe:

1. Eiger Express

The Eiger Express, a modern tricable gondola, transports you from Grindelwald to the Eigergletscher Station in just 15 minutes, offering awe-inspiring panoramic views of Männlichen, Grindelwald, and the 1800-meter-high Eiger North Face along the way.

2. Jungfraujoch Train Station

The highest train station in Europe, situated at an impressive altitude of 3,454 meters (11,332 feet), houses the highest postal office with its own unique postal code. Don't forget to bring some postcards to send to your loved ones from this lofty location! Additionally, make sure to visit the "passport station" where you can receive a souvenir stamp to commemorate your visit.

3. Jungfrau Panorama

Before venturing into the Alpine wonderland, you can get a glimpse of the breathtaking landscapes that await you. Experience a 360-degree panorama of the Jungfrau region through a captivating 4-minute video, showcasing the magnificent mountain world in various weather conditions.

4. Sphinx Terrace

An ultra-fast double lift swiftly transports you in 27 seconds to this impressive vantage platform that sits 117 meters above the Jungfraujoch. From here, you can revel in the sweeping view of the phenomenal Aletsch Glacier, and even catch glimpses of Italy, France, and Germany. Within the Sphinx Complex, there is a research station and astronomical observatory.

5. Ice Palace

Located deep within the Jungfrau glacier, the Ice Palace is likely the coldest palace in Europe, with temperatures never exceeding -2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit). Exploring this impressive tunnel, spanning 1000 square meters and adorned with around 30 meticulously carved ice sculptures, is an unforgettable highlight for visitors seeking an extraordinary experience.

6. Aletsch Glacier

At the Aletsch Glacier, Europe's largest glacier, you'll find yourself immersed in a snowy wonderland 365 days a year. Enjoy a plethora of exciting snow activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snow tubing, regardless of the season. For a more leisurely experience, embark on a serene 22-kilometer hike across the glacier, allowing yourself to bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature's creations.

7. Alpine Sensation Walk

Experience the Alpine Sensation Walk, a captivating multimedia journey with 4D effects. Walk through a 250-meter-long corridor and delve into the history of the Jungfrau Railway, witnessing its remarkable transformation.

8. Dining & Shopping

The Jungfraujoch offers visitors a variety of dining and shopping options. Satisfy your palate with a range of culinary delights, including Swiss and Indian cuisine, as well as snacks. For shopping, don't miss the renowned Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, the highest Lindt shop globally, and the Top of Europe Shop, where you can find a wide selection of Swiss souvenirs, clothing, and watches.

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich

Can you do a Day Trip to Jungfraujoch from Zurich?

Yes, it is indeed possible to make a day trip from Zurich to Jungfraujoch, although it will be a long day. Many travelers find it convenient to choose a guided day trip, as it simplifies the transportation planning process. With a guided tour, you can rely on the expertise of the tour operator to handle the multiple transfers with various means of transportation

This way, you can enjoy the trip without the hassle of organizing logistics yourself and make the most of your time exploring the stunning Jungfraujoch. There are numerous top-notch tours available, offering different options, including private tours.

>> To find more information about the most popular day trips, check our recommendations.

How do I get from Zurich to Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe?

To get from Zurich to Jungfraujoch, you have three transportation options:

  1. By Train: Taking a train from Zurich to Jungfraujoch is one of the most convenient and popular options. Different routes are possible. Heres a recommended train route:
    From Zurich, you'll change trains in Bern and head towards Interlaken Ost. Once you reach Interlaken Ost railway station, continue your journey to Grindelwald Terminal on the Bernese Oberland Railway. From there, hop on the Eiger Express gondola, which will take you directly to the Eigergletscher station. From there, board the Jungfrau Railway to reach the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe.
  2. By Car: It is possible to drive a huge part of the route by car. However, you can only drive to a certain point by car, such as Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken or Grindelwald. From there, you would need to park your car and take the train/gondola the rest of the way. The drive from Zurich to Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen takes approx. to 2.5 hours. 
  3. By Guided Tour: As mentioned before, joining a guided tour from Zurich to Jungfraujoch is a stress-free and popular option. These Jungfraujoch day trips typically include transportation, train tickets, and a guide who will accompany you throughout the journey, providing insights and information about the region.
Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich 2

What to Expect from a Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich?

Let’s delve into the details and experiences that await you on a typical Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich:

  • Departure: The Top of Europe day tour departs at a predetermined meeting location in the heart of Zurich, such as Zurich Central Bus Station, at approximately 8:00AM. Your tour guide and other travelers will be waiting for you there.
  • Transportation: You will either take a minivan, bus, or train through the picturesque Bernese Oberland region to Interlaken, Grindelwald, or Lauterbrunnen. Your tour guide will share information about Swiss history, culture, and lifestyle as you go.
  • Stops: Many tours include a stop in a traditional Swiss village like Wengen, Interlaken, or Grindelwald. This allows you to admire the beautiful scenery and perhaps explore the town or do some shopping.
  • Ascending to Jungfraujoch: The highlight of the trip is reaching Jungfraujoch, also known as the Top of Europe. This involves a combination of different trains/gondolas, including the Eiger Express tricable gondola and the Jungfrau Railway.
  • Jungfraujoch Exploration: Upon finally reaching Jungfraujoch, you will have free time to explore the must-see attractions, experiences and viewpoints. This may include walking on the Aletsch Glacier, visiting the Sphinx Terrace, admiring the Ice Palace, or simply enjoying the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks. Typically, you have around 2 hours to spend at the "Top of Europe."
  • Return Journey: After your time at Jungfraujoch, you will begin your return journey to Zurich. The route may be the same as the one taken earlier or may involve alternative routes, depending on the tour operator.
  • Conclusion: The full day trip usually ends in the late afternoon or early evening, with the minivan, bus, or train returning to the original departure point in Zurich. The total duration of the day trip is approximately 11 to 12 hours. The tour generally includes a professional guide, transportation, and tickets for the cogwheel train ride and Eiger Express gondola ride. However, food and drinks are usually not provided.

Important: While tour details may vary due to different tour operators and weather conditions, one thing is for certain - you're in for an amazing experience! So be sure to check the itinerary of the specific tour you're interested in, and get ready for an adventure like no other!

What are the Opening Hours of Jungfraujoch Top of Europe?

Jungfraujoch, the "Top of Europe," is open 365 days a year. Regardless of the season, you'll be treated to a magical experience with a captivating scenery, snowy landscapes, and memorable activities amidst Switzerland's unspoiled beauty.

Keep in mind that the opening hours of attractions at Jungfraujoch vary depending on the season. During the summer months, attractions typically have extended opening times due to longer daylight hours. It is recommended to check the specific opening hours for each attraction to plan your visit accordingly.

Compare Jungfraujoch 22Top of Europe22 Day Trip Tours from Zurich Prices

11 Insider Tips for your Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich

Here are some insider tips to keep you well-prepared to make the most of your Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip: 

  1. Plan Ahead: The guided tours are very popular, so make sure you book your tour in advance to ensure availability, especially during the high season (from May to August). Check the cancellation policy to ensure you receive a full refund, even if you cancel 24 hours before the tour.
  2. Be prepared for a long day: Jungfraujoch from Zurich is a full-day excursion and often does not include lunch or beverages, so bring water, snacks, and a power bank to stay hydrated, energized, and keep your phone charged.
  3. Dress in layers: Regardless of the season, temperatures at Jungfraujoch are on average around - 7.9 degree Celsius (17.5 degree Fahrenheit). So be sure to bring a warm jacket and dress in layers to stay warm. Don't forget a hat, gloves, and lip balm, as it can be very chilly and windy at the summit.
  4. Choose sturdy hiking shoes: Given the snowy and potentially slippery conditions at Jungfraujoch, it's essential to wear sturdy hiking shoes. Ensure your shoes have a solid rubber sole for better grip and comfort throughout the day.
  5. Pack an extra pair of socks: Snowy conditions can sometimes result in wet or damp socks. It's a good idea to bring an extra pair of socks to keep your feet warm and dry.
  6. Protect yourself from the sun: Due to the high-altitude conditions at Jungfraujoch, sun exposure can be quite intense. The glacier areas, in particular, pose a potential risk of snow blindness. That's why it's important to wear a reliable pair of sunglasses that provide proper UV protection, and to protect your skin with sunscreen.
  7. Take precautions for altitude: Jungfraujoch is at a high altitude, which may cause altitude sickness for some individuals. If you are pregnant, have respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, consult with your doctor before visiting. Take it easy, drink plenty of water, and consider using a decongestant nasal spray before descending to alleviate ear pressure.
  8. Avoid excessive alcohol and nicotine: To fully enjoy your day, refrain from excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption before and during the trip, as they can impact your experience negatively.
  9. Opt for the right side of the cogwheel railway: When boarding the train to Jungfraujoch, try to secure a seat on the right side. This side of the train provides the most breathtaking views, ensuring that you maximize your visual experience.
  10. Capture the views: Don't forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the breathtaking vistas. Look for the ideal photo spots, such as the Sphinx Observation Terrace or the Ice Palace.
  11. Plan your journey: If you go on your own, be aware of the train timetables and plan your return trip accordingly to avoid rushing or missing connections.

FAQ - Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich

How long does it take to get from Zurich to Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe?

The travel time from Zurich to Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe can range from approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours by train, depending on the connections and schedule.

How much does a Jungfraujoch Top of Europe day trip from Zurich cost?

The cost of a Jungfraujoch Top of Europe day trip from Zurich can indeed vary based on the type of tour and the level of customization. On average, a typical day trip would cost around 290 euros per person. However, it's worth noting that private tours offering additional amenities and personalized experiences can be priced higher, potentially reaching up to 1200 euros per person

To get more specific and up-to-date information on prices and what is included in each tour, you can refer to the section that provides a comparison of the top-rated tours.

When is the best time to visit Jungfraujoch/ Top of Europe?

The best time to visit Jungfraujoch is between May and September when you can expect clearer weather and longer daylight hours. Winter months often bring high winds and heavy snowfall, making conditions more challenging at Jungfraujoch.

Are there Jungfraujoch Top of Europe tours from other cities in Switzerland?

Yes, you can also join day trips that depart from other cities in Switzerland, such as Lucerne and Interlaken:

  1. Jungfraujoch Top of Europe day trips from Interlaken: Book here!
  2.  Jungfraujoch Top of Europe day trips from Lucerne: Book here!

What to wear at Jungfraujoch Top of Europe?

Regardless of the season, temperatures on the Jungfraujoch average -7.9 degrees Celsius (17.5 degrees Fahrenheit). So be sure to bring a warm jacket and dress in layers to stay warm. Don't forget a hat, gloves and lip balm. Given the snow on the summit, it's important to wear sturdy hiking boots and pack an extra pair of socks. Also, wear reliable sunglasses that provide good UV protection and protect your skin with sunscreen. >> More Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

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